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  • Santa Fe is situated in a beautiful portion of Texas, with the coast just a short drive away. People living in the community can tell you many great things about their home, but there is one compliment you'll hear time and again: Santa Fe is a great place to live and raise a family.

    The prime location, low cost of living, friendly neighborhoods and very low crime rate all add to the beauty of Santa Fe life. Located on the Gulf Coast Santa Fe has all the conveniences of big city life with the charms of a smaller community. Settled in the late 1800’s, the cities of Arcadia and Alta Loma later merged to form the City of Santa Fe. Santa Fe was named after the Santa Fe railroad, which was being constructed in the area at the time. Early growth in the area was slow for the first 80 years, but the city thrives today. Santa Fe was officially incorporated in 1978.

    Santa Fe is centrally located between Houston and Galveston, and it’s just a short drive to either city, with Houston only 30 miles northwest and Galveston 20 miles southeast. Santa Fe is part of Galveston County and encompasses a land area of 17 square miles. The cities of Alvin, Dickinson, Hitchcock, League City, La Marque and Texas City are all within 10 miles of Santa Fe.

    Santa Fe is residents come from all walks of life but have one thing in common: love of the area. With just over 12, 000 residents, neighbors still know their neighbors and take the time to watch out for each other.

    The average age of Santa Fe residents is 36 years old, but there’s a good mix of seniors, children, teenagers and middle-aged adults. Residents value what each age group has to offer the community and know that there is rich history and a lot to learn from each generation.

    While some of the residents of Santa Fe have chosen to work in Houston or Galveston or in one of the many petrochemical plants dotting the Texas landscape, they have also decided that the best choice for living and raising a family is Santa Fe. They know all that this small town with lots of space has to offer, especially the good schools and low crime rate.

    New residents love this quiet, warm community and are surprised at how friendly our town can be. It doesn’t take long before you feel like Santa Fe is a part of you and you never want to leave. Take a step back from the busy city life and let Santa Fe help you experience what living is really all about.

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