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Becoming A Board Member

Code of Ethics - Board Policy - Responsibilities

Code of Ethics for Board

Principles and practices of the Santa Fe Chamber of Commerce, Inc. Board of Directors to provide guidance and direction for effective governance

Members of the board of directors are committed to observing and promoting the highest standards of ethical conduct in the performance of their responsibilities on the board of the Santa Fe Chamber of Commerce, Inc. Board members pledge to accept this code as a minimum guideline for ethical conduct and shall:


Faithfully abide by the articles of incorporation, bylaws and policies of the organization.

Exercise reasonable care, good faith and due diligence in governing and managing affairs. (Principles of Duty of Care, Loyalty and Obedience.)

Fully disclose, at the earliest opportunity, information that may result in a perceived for actual conflict of interest.

Fully disclose, at the earliest opportunity, information of fact that would have significance in board decision-making.

Remain accountable for prudent fiscal management to chamber members, the board, and nonprofit sector, and where applicable, to government and funding and bodies.

Professional Excellence- Integrity

Maintain a professional level of courtesy, respect, and objectivity in all matters and activities.

Strive to uphold those practices and assist other members of the board in upholding the highest standards of conduct.

Personal Gain- Self-Dealing

Exercise the powers invested for the good of all members of the organization rather than for personal benefit.

Equal Opportunity- Diversity- Inclusivity

Ensure the right of all members to access benefits and services without discrimination on basis of culture, geography, political, religious, or socio-economic aspects.

Ensure the right of all members to access benefits and services without discrimination on the basis of the organization's volunteer or staff make-up in respect to gender, sexual orientation, national origin, race, religion, age, political affiliation or disability, in accordance with an applicable legal and regulatory requirements.

Confidential Information

Respect the confidentiality of sensitive information known to board service and used for the purposes of governance and management.

Collaboration and Cooperation

Respect the diversity of opinions as expressed or acted upon by the organization board, committees and membership, and formally register dissent as appropriate.

Promote collaboration, cooperation, and partnership among chamber members.

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Board Policy

Policy Name: Board Commitment to Serve the Association

Approved by BOD: January 1, 2006

Effective Date: January 1, 2006

I do not have a conflict of interest in serving on the Board of Directors. If a conflict arises in the future, I will alert the Board and either refrain from participating in a specific action or, if necessary, resign from the Board of Directors.

In addition, I commit to:

Maintain mutual respect for other members of the Board of Directors and association staff;
Maintain business confidentiality;
Handle fiduciary responsibilities in a responsible manner;
Properly and fairly represent association to the membership, the general public and the media and make every effort to assist association in achieving a positive public Image;
Ensure that all activities initiated on behalf of association are consistent with the mission, policies, Bylaws and/or articles of incorporation;
Not use my relationship with association to enhance personal opportunities, to elicit favor with a special interest group, and/or receive personal gifts or compensation except when approved by the Board of Directors;
Represent the interests of all association members and not any separate constituencies

I understand the responsibilities of serving on the association Board of Directors. I am committed to the association mission. I will make every effort to attend all meetings of the Board of Directors and to respond in a timely fashion to all mail ballots of the Board. If I have missed three (3) consecutive board meetings unexcused I will be dismissed from the Board.


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Seven Key Board Members Responsibilities

Committee Service

Many organizations assign or appoint one or more directors to each chamber committee. This technique:

· Provides liaison between the committee and the board
· Provides a means of giving the board full information on committee proposals, plans, and challenges.

Helpful Procedures

Certain procedures are important to the effectiveness of the board in carrying out its responsibilities. Most chambers find it helpful to:

· Provide directors with an agenda of each board meeting prior to the actual meeting. Remember, the agenda should reflect the important objectives in the program of work.
· Process and distribute minutes of each meeting to directors within a few days following the meeting. This conserves time by eliminating the necessity of reading the minutes at the following meeting.
· Develop and approve the budget at the beginning of each fiscal yea, and establish pertinent financial reports at each board meeting. The board is responsible for the financial well being of the organization.
· Establish a definite schedule of board and executive committee meeting dates at the beginning of the year. This will contribute to good attendance at board meetings.

Other Responsibilities

· Be a Team Player.

· Support the staff.

· Inspire action….

· Attend and participate in the planning retreat and process.

· Promote chamber policies and positions.

· Attend and participate in as many chamber functions and events as time and financial resources will permit.

· Support chamber publications.

· Actively support the membership recruitment and retention effort.

· Defend the chamber against undue criticism.

· Participate in and support fund raising efforts.

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